There’s a hidden tax horror behind pass-through entities, cancellation of debt, and even prizes, winning, and awards: “phantom income.” It even sounds scary, right? And when it comes to one’s tax liability, it can be downright frightening indeed.

Phantom income usually refers to gain or profits that an entity reports, yet that the owner or

Ever thought about packing it all up and starting that romantic, expatriate life abroad? Ever felt like these parts were just so wild, it was time to find yourself a new passport? Expatriation, where a US citizen renounces citizenship, or where a legal permanent resident (LPR) renounces and terminates their status, is a very real

 On remand for re-calculation of 4 errors in deficiency amounts, concerning years 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006, the Tax Court entered final revised decisions based on the Commissioner’s twice-revised Rule 155 computations.

During the Larkins’ appeal, the Commissioner acknowledged four errors affecting the amounts of the deficiencies, additions to tax, and penalties. The court of