CNN recently released a fascinating look at the computers the IRS uses in “IRS Says It’s Using Technology From JFK’s Time.” IRS Commissioner John Koskinen states that the IRS computer system is “like driving a Model T that now has a great GPS System and wonderful sound system.”

It is common knowledge that the Internal Revenue Code and related rules and regulations are antiquated.  The complexity is difficult and necessitates professional tax assistance.  This can be true for even simple tax returns.

Congress loves to legislate through the tax code – so I doubt this will change anytime soon.

What does need to change – and change soon is the need for good “customer service” at the IRS. Tax practitioners are growing more and more frustrated with the inability to get simple issues resolved in a timely manner. Much of this is due to the dysfunction with the IRS’ computer system.

As someone who calls the IRS on a near daily basis, the chances are very high that when you finally get to a live person – that their computer will not work correctly.  So you will have to repeat the process another day. That costs time and money.

The cost to our economy by having a ridiculously slow and business unfriendly IRS has got to be astronomical.